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Summary of the project
2020. november 24., kedd

Joint Challenge and Joint Cooperation for the Management of Cross-Border Natural Heritage



Summary of the project

In their joint cross-border project, Oradea, Békéscsaba and Szarvas focus on the protection and promotion of natural values. The developments implemented in all three settlements will further expand the tourism offer and provide an opportunity for the county population and the Hungarian and foreign tourists arriving there for interactive, experience-based knowledge.

The three settlements are located on one axis, in the central part of the picturesque Körös Rivers, with direct access along main roads in two EU Member States with easy border-crossing.

It is important to be aware of the fact that the area has significant natural values, the long-term maintenance of which is in our hands. How long we serve each other with nature depends on our lifestyle, our sense of responsibility, our insight, our consumption, our travel habits and our decisions. If we take care of it - he does it: fresh and clean air, water, shade, food, raw materials, healing, habitat, biodiversity. With this partnership, we strengthen the positive attitude of society in order to take responsibility for our environment and awareness-raising.

Lead Partner:
Foundation Don Orione - Oradea, RO

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Békés County - Békéscsaba, HU Körös-Maros National Park Directorate - Szarvas, HU